To help 1 million diabetic people in either curing or better managing diabetes through open and accessible remedies and methods which are scientifically tested by the end of Sept 2021.


Identifying innovations for treatment of Diabetes, Scientific Validation and Clinical trials by volunteers.


Diabetes currently affects more than 62 million Indians, which is more than 7.1% of the adult population. Nearly 1 million Indians die due to diabetes every year. According to the Indian Heart Association, India is projected to be home to 109 million individuals with diabetes by 2035. A study by the American Diabetes Association reports that India will see the greatest increase in people diagnosed with diabetes by 2030. The high incidence is attributed to a combination of genetic susceptibility plus adoption of a high-calorie, low-activity lifestyle by India’s growing middle class.


The team behind project ExperimentsWithSugar has first hand experience with sufferings of the condition and given the size and scale of the epidemic in the country believes that billions of USD spent by citizens can be saved by right information and behavior change at right time. Provided if a scientific pursuit of preventive methods is done and knowledge is shared with all in actionable behavior change communication.

End Goal

The project aims to provide a low cost preventive strategy for the country to handle the epidemic of diabetes with a holistic outlook towards life. The project is looking at a three year timeline.


Team ExperimentsWithSugar is a group of volunteers and below is the list of their responsibilities.

Expert name Expertise
Dr V K Singh Medical expert and scientific advisor
Dr S K Gupta Medical expert and scientific advisor
Dr Sanjay Kalra Endocrinologist and domain expert
Dr Haripriya Narasimhan Medical anthropologist and domain expert
Haritash Tamvada Head of partnerships
Areez Malik Scientific instrumentation expert and in charge of engineering
Saurabh Gupta Professor biomedical engineering and data collection and scientific experiments in charge
Prof S Venkataramanaiah Research
Kshitij Chaudhary Research
Biten Kathrani Bio Medical expert
Nimisha Singh Communication expert
Alok Chaudhary Financial expert and logistics/bookkeeping in charge
Clarion Kodamanchili Technology expert and portal in charge
Paarul Chand Public relations expert and spokesperson of the project
Dr Arjun Dang Diagnostics expert
Arjun Pandey Filmmaker, communication and spokesperson of the project
Ishika Taneja Video content editor
Satyendra Verma Top athlete and spokesperson of the project
Roli Agarwal Design thinker
Dr Sanjay Sharma Podiatry expert
Dr Ameya Joshi Endocrinologist
Dr Aishwarya Nagarajan Research intern
Sachin Gaur Project mission facilitator

Legal status of the initiative

The initiative is a not for profit initiative instituted under InnovatioCuris Foundation for Healthcare and Excellence as its first project for social cause. The initial money is provided by the core team and all efforts are voluntary. If you are interested in supporting the cause may contact Sachin Gaur as a facilitator of the project or any team member that you may know.

Contact: sachin@innovatiocuris.com / +91 99999 79349